If you are interested in any of the following please contact us for further details. You can email through this website (Contact Us page) or come along to one of our meetings at the Fountain Inn, Parkend, Forest of Dean. We meet at 8 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month (except December).

The Foresters’ Forest - Ongoing Project

The Foresters’ Forest is a Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership programme to raise awareness and participation in the built, natural and cultural heritage of the Forest of Dean through individual projects using volunteers from local communities. One of the projects initiated, ‘Unearthing our Heritage’, seeks to better understand the archaeology of the Forest. DAG has been very active with this project and will continue to be so as the Partnership programme moves forward.

Winter 2020

We have now started investigating potential archaeological features identified by the ongoing Forest Lidar survey. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a form of aerial survey in which short pulses of laser energy are fired from an aircraft towards the ground, and the time taken for these to be reflected back to the aircraft is measured. Measurement of this time can be converted to distance by halving the return time and multiplying by the speed of light, and, so long as the height and position of the aircraft are known, this information can be used to create accurate maps of the topography of the ground surface. Crucially, Lidar can ‘see’ through the covering vegetation and therefore is an invaluable tool for surveying wooded areas.

Good News - DAG meetings restarting.

We will be holding our first monthly meeting since the pandemic began.

8pm, Thursday 24th July in the garden of the Fountain Inn, Parkend